Why to choose and how to use soy wax melts

 Wax melt burner, green, with wax melts beside and vintage styling


To celebrate a new collaboration with Kate Lauren Ceramics on a range of exclusive wax melt warmers, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about wax melts!


I have to fess up that until I started every nook I was not very familiar with wax melts. My love has always been for a candle, and enjoying the cosy glow they bring. However, through my exploration with soy wax and trying new products I started to understand what all the fuss was about!


As most of you discover every nook through candles, I often forget that wax melts may be something you are also less familiar with. Luckily at events I am there to explain what they are and how to best enjoy them, but if our paths are yet to cross here are some FAQ's on the wonderful world of wax melts!


(How beautiful are these burners btw!!)

 3 different colour variations of ceramic wax melt warmers by Kate Lauren ceramics




A wax melt is small piece of scented wax. They can be found in a countless number of shapes. Every nook melts are made in a unique range of geometric shapes to compliment our love of print and pattern!.


Every nook melts are made from natural soy wax just like the candles. I use a specific soy wax created for making wax melts. This ensures a high quality wax melt, with a strong scent throw (what you can smell when in use) and a lovely smooth, glossy finish.

 close up of geometric shape wax melts by every nook



Wax melts need to be warmed to turn them to a liquid state, which is how they release scent through vapour. You can use a ceramic burner and a tea light, or you can use an electric wax melt warmer.


Remove the melt from it's packaging and pop it into the well on the top of a ceramic burner and light a tea light in the cavity beneath, or follow instructions of your electric burner. Do not add any water. into the well with the wax melt.

  styled shot of wax melts melting in a burner, cosy set up of books and tea cup in shot




At approx. 10g, each every nook wax melt will release scent for the duration of 2-3 tea lights, depending on the size of the tea light, that's approximately 6-8hrs if using an electric warmer.


Wax does not evaporate in the same way in a melt format as when used in a candle. Therefore once the scent is no longer noticeable you can remove it from your warmer and replace with a new melt.

To remove leftover wax from your burner, I prefer to allow it to cool and then push to slide it out of the dish. Soy wax melt is biodegradable so you don't need to worry about creating waste when disposing of your finished every nook melt :)

 styled shot of packaged every nook wax melts, flat lay including tealights, plants and vintage books





As they are small in size, when warmed a wax melt turns to liquid quickly. An every nook melt only takes approx. 10 minutes. It is when in its liquid state that scent is released from the melt, which means you can enjoy quicker than when using a candle. Perfect to quickly scent a room!



Wax melts are often a cost effective way to enjoy home fragrance vs candles, when comparing hours of scents for your buck. A pack of every nook melts can offer up to 80hrs of scent for £8! With a burner and a stash of tealights you are ready to go.



As they are small, when you replace your wax melt you can also change up the scent. Inspired by this I have now added a custom set of mini wax melts to the every nook website.

 every nook wax melt mailer, including 4 different every nook scents


I hope this information is useful if you've never used wax melts before, if you have I'd love to hear what you love about yours!


Emma x

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