Banish Blandness: How Mid-Century Home Style and Scent Can Elevate Your Space

If you're familiar with every nook, you will be aware it's based on a huge fandom of Mid-century style and and capturing the comforting nostalgia it brings.

What is Mid-century style and reasons to embrace it in your home...
The Mid-century period spans from the mid 1940's to early 1970's and the design of this time was inspired by post-war optimism, developments in mass production and the new wave of consumerism this created. The essence of this timeless aesthetic is all about bringing together form and function in perfect harmony. Products could be made which were both aesthetically pleasing, practical for modernising post war lifestyles and at price points accessible to more than just the upper classes.

I love the way pieces from the this period still look great in modern homes, making reusing and repurposing so attractive. Whether you're a fan of the iconic Eames chair or swoon over the clean lines of a Scandinavian sideboard, Mid-century style has something for everyone. Mid Century homeware can also be a great way to add colour and print to your home, translating the optimism and joy of this period. Add pops of colour with vibrant glassware, pottery or hang abstract art on your walls. And don't forget about lighting! Mid-century lighting fixtures can instantly elevate any space, casting a warm glow that sets the mood for relaxation and enjoyment. 

The thrill of the find and the stories you can tell...
I have been lucky to have acquired a few things from my family, a grandparent's wicker footstool and the odd coffee pot for instance. Giving furniture or trinkets that have been in your family for years a new lease of life in your home adds endless sentiment and personality to a space. There is however a real thrill of seeking out such beautiful treasures at local charity shops or antiques markets. The former can be a way to bag a real bargain and the latter something really special and unique. In both instances you now have items in your home with their own story to tell!

Exploring the charm of mid-century home style in modern living...
Not everything can be original of course, and that's where brands such as every nook come in, to complement the vintage treasures you have acquired. For example a new crockery set which you bought new as it had all the bowls and plates you needed for your modern family lifestyle can be elevated by the original Mid-century serving bowl you discovered at the local flea market. Or your original, swoon worthy G-plan sideboard you so luckily found at a car boot sale is a great space to display your every nook candle :)
Considering all senses - How fragrance can transform your space.
Home fragrance is a wonderful finishing touch to elevate your space. The scent you choose can transform the mood, and complement your home style. Looking to feel uplifted and energised choose vibrant citrus or herbaceous scents to complement your bright, colourful decor. Or for something more mellow, choose calming lavender or balmy amber for your earthier, naturally inspired interpretation of style. For the Mid-century vibe every nook scents incorporate notes such as rosewood, cologne, patchouli, rose - all fragrances of a bygone era to further enhance your aesthetic. 

Above all make it personal to truly banish the bland!
Choosing preloved and vintage pieces in your home above all makes it personal to you, reflecting your creative and unique self! The same to goes for home fragrance, where what we love is so personal and choosing scent which means something to you is especially nostalgic. Whether is be a scent that reminds you of someone, a happy childhood memory or a holiday, I love hearing the memories every nook scents evoke in people when I am at events!
So go ahead, embrace mid-century design, choose fragrances that speak to your soul, and let your space become personal and unique. With a touch of nostalgia and a dash of creativity, you'll transform your home into a haven that reflects your unique personality.

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(interior lifestyle images from Canva)

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