After Hours DUO

After Hours DUO


Limited edition candle duo. Perfect scents for your vintage drinks trolley, enjoy two every nook candles for a promotional price, saving £4 vs. individual price.


Every nook small scented candles, are perfect for trying a new every nook scent, or enjoying your favourite over a long weekend.


Each candle contains 100g natural soy wax scented with fragrance. Hand-poured into 120ml amber glass jars with gloss black screw top lids, and natural cotton wicks.


Approx. burn time 20hrs per candle.


Each candle will be gift wrapped in tissue paper.


The VINTAGE COLOGNE + TOBACCO fragrance has aromatic cologne notes that lead into a heart of rich sweet tobacco, warm spices and a hint of cognac. With smoky wood notes, this fragrance perfectly compliments the urban and earthy tones of a mid century inspired home.


WHISKEY + VANILLA . Just like a vintage tipple, this sweet and earthy blend of whiskey and rich dark chocolate notes is perfect for cosying up with at the end of the day.


(each candle size inc lid 60mm dia by 65mm high)