The story of an every nook scent

In this very first every nook blog post, and with the launch of a new scent, Baked Rhubarb + Spritz, I thought it was a great time to share with you the story of how a new scent collection is created for every nook.

(In case you haven't seen the new scent, here it is below!)

photo credit Holly Booth Studio

How a scent collection is created is something I frequently get chatting to people about at markets. I'm often asked questions about how I choose the scents for every nook and what inspires the design of the packaging.

If you're interested in this too then please read on :)

The Inspiration....

The every nook brand was born from a love of the interior style created by retro furniture and homeware. The homely feel it adds, the interest of its story and the timeless style of it's design are all values every nook candles aim to emulate.

A rummage around a charity or second hand furniture shop lights my fire! I love discovering a unique treasure and giving it a new lease of life in our home (and in doing so saving it from landfill). And it's also where I often get the inspiration for the next every nook scent!

The scent...

It's really important that the scent fits with a story that ties it into the retro style and ethos that the every nook brand was created to complement. It needs to capture a moment and bring the values of every nook to life.

For example, inspired by wooden Mid-Century furniture, I had the idea for a scent to evoke the fragrance of a typical material used in this period, something that through design would look good on a sideboard, and be a homely scent for a lounge or dining room. This eventually became Rosewood + Lavender.

For Baked Rhubarb + Spritz I was led by the fragrance note first, and it took me a while to figure out how to include it in the range. I've loved the fragrance of Rhubarb forever, but only when some retro Pyrex dishes caught my eye did I start to explore the colours and prints found in a 1970s kitchen, and felt I could build the fragrance story for a new collection.

The print design...

The print design is influenced by the fragrance story, the scent and the colour direction of the fragrance notes. It's so important that all of these elements work together to help illustrate the scent and to create the ambience of every nook in your home.

I work with a wonderful designer, Kirsty from Studio Kiko, who I met through a friend whilst working as a beauty buyer many years ago. From the start, Kirsty has been able to interpret my ideas into the every nook packaging design. I am always so excited when a new set of designs arrive and I can see the range coming to life!

I hope you've enjoyed finding out a little bit more about every nook.

If you're interested in exploring the every nook scents please visit the scents page to read the inspiration behind each one.

I'd love to know your favourite and any new scents you'd love to see for your home :)

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Emma x

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