Celebrating Independent Retailer Month! The story of every nook's UK stockists.

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July is Independent Retailer Month so I thought this was a perfect time to shout about why I think we should all value them and a little bit about the wonderful independent retailers that stock every nook.

Why Champion Independent Retail

I know I'm not alone with that feeling of sadness when you visit a high street that has been taken over by the same old chain shops and cafes which we can find in the neighbouring town. I know some people also feel this when they see a row of charity shops, but I actually get very excited for the bric-a-brac lover in me!

Of course there is a place for the chain store, they exist due to the hard work of a founder building up their business into something we clearly love as we want more and more of it! Retail units on our high streets are expensive and without their investment there may be many more empty shops, which negatively impacts our communities.

Which is why when an Independent has taken the brave leap to take on a bricks and mortar premises, we need to support them with our £ and spread the word about the ones we love. so others can show them some love too! Without them, our high streets lack diversity and creativity, and their links to the local community are a benefit to all.

So without further ado I'd love to tell you about the lovely Independents which stock every nook around the UK for you to discover...

Locally Produced for You - West Bridgford, Nottingham

This shop is a treasure trove of gifts and cards, handmade by local makers. You can also make your own crafts through the workshops on offer here. This was one of the first retailers I approached when I launched every nook, and being so local it was a great way to connect with other local makers.

Bowery Visual Arts - Headingly, Leeds

A creative gallery space offering workshops, coffee and a gift shop too! An amazing space to stimulate all the senses, I drool over their Instagram feed when it features the freshly made, delicious treats available in the coffee shop. I was fortunately contacted to stock candles in their gift shop for a short trial in 2019, and thankfully their local customers enjoyed every nook so much we've continued ever since :)

Calladoodles - Carshalton, Surrey.

A gorgeous gift shop on a picturesque high street. I used to live in nearby Croydon, so with friends still in the area, it was a lovely feeling when they told me they'd just discovered every nook in a local gift shop!

Lilac Rose - Leamington Spa and Cambridge

Lilac Rose is a boutique offering contemporary womenswear brands, accessories and gifts. Being stocked here was a case of being in the right place at the right time! I had met up with some friends in a coffee shop in Leamington, giving them a sneak preview of every nook before I launched. When the owner brought our drinks to the table she commented on how lovely the candles we had were, and asked where we had bought them! Lucky for me she went on to recommend my candles to her friend, owner of a local boutique Lilac Rose! The rest is history, as they say :)

Magpie & Marigold - Aberdour Fife

A beautiful florist, interiors and gift shop, selling lots of amazing vintage pieces. This shop sums up what is exciting about Independents in that they can be so original in their offer. They now have a sister shop called The Curator, where you can also find every nook plus a coffee shop too!

Molecule Vintage - Brighton

I discovered Molecule Vintage through my own love of retro homewares whilst browsing Instagram. The stock in this shop is my absolute version of heaven! Original retro pieces, complimented with new product from brands embracing this style, such as every nook. I'm so pleased to have a stockist in Brighton as when I lived in Croydon we visited a lot to enjoy all the independents nestled in The Lanes, followed by an ice cream on the beach of course!

Marthas Home Store - Pontypridd, Wales

Similar to Molecule Vintage, I discovered Martha's Home Store online. I love connecting with people that also love retro homeware, and it's a massive compliment when they want to stock every nook. This stockist is currently the only place you can buy every nook in Wales!

Butter & Sugar - Nottingham

Another innovative concept bringing fresh ideas to their community. Offering a delicious bakery, retail space and craft workshop. It's located in Sneinton Market Avenues, which is a local hive of creativity, with studio space and maker markets often happening here.

Mysa - Edinburgh

Mysa is one of several independent retail shops that form part of Indie Edinburgh. Independent retailers since 1972 located on Cockburn Street, Edinburgh. Mysa is a

gift shop offering contemporary, design-led

products. I'm proud to have every nook

amongst what they offer and to be stocked

in Edinburgh, a city I love (I actually had my

hen weekend here, so many fond, and

perhaps blurry memories!).

Please share the Independents you love!

I hope to add many more stockists to this list in the next year. If you have any recommendations of retailers in your area where you think every nook would be at home, please send me a message. I'd love to check them out!

Emma x

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